Hydraulic Cylinder Rod
Alacote Corp. offers nickel sulfamate plating for corrosive environments such as the marine industry

Nickel Sulfamate Plating

Nickel Chrome Plating

AlaCote Corporation offers Nickel Sulfamate plating (up to 40 feet in length) as a treatment to prepare components like hydraulic cylinder rod & tube for harsh environments, such as the marine industry. When used it will be an under layer to plated industrial hard chrome.

Nickel Sulfamate is a plated application.

Typical applications are .001 inch to .120 inch. AlaCote's Nickel Sulfamate is usually plated to the base metal prior to hard chromium plating.

Nickel Chrome Plating Applications

Mirror Finished Nickel Sulfamate / Hard Chrome CylinderIn applications where corrosion is a problem, the combined Nickel & Hard Chrome Plating will extend the service life of the component. This two step treatment gives AlaCote the ability to prepare OEM surfacing for the Marine and Chemical environments. Typical uses are for Marine hydraulics, cylinder rod & tube as well as other components in the marine environment, ship building, oil rigs, etc. We can plate componenst up 40 feet ling and 3 feet in diameter.

AlaCote can also apply Nickel Sulfamate/Hard Chrome in a repair resurfacing operation.

AlaCote's Nickel Suflamate meets ASTM B117 & ASTM B537 codes.

Cylindical Part Lengths to 40 Feet.

Grinding & Finishing

Before and after coating, your roller and cylinder parts can be ground and polished (in-house) to a low profile finish, including diamond finishes on ceramics.

Complete rebuilding services, with resurfacing to OEM standards .

Please Note: Alacote is not in the automotive parts plating business!